hello friends. i’m jenny. welcome to my little corner of the interwebs. first of all, it means a great deal to me that you are here. i’m not sure how you happened upon my website, but i sure am grateful that you have decided to linger and read more about me and my work.


i am a storyteller and artist, currently residing in san francisco. i am also an explorer and will always be learning. about my craft, myself, and the world. i am obsessed with discovery and do not want to live an ordinary life. i am a lover of light, simplicity, and people. there is so much about this world that is captivating but there is something that fascinates me about human beings. i love observing human connection. genuine laughter. passion and generosity. and i get excited when i capture this in a photograph. because to me, photography is about seeing and capturing the beauty that lives within the human soul.


you have a beautiful story that deserves to be told. yes, i realize i may not know you yet. but i do know, as a fellow human being, that you have lived a life worthy of being documented. i hope you believe that too. and so i would love to know and capture your story: what you value. the people who are important to you, and those who have changed your life. what makes you smile. how you’ve been hurt. what you do well. and how you’ve struggled. because it all matters. so let’s connect! i really, seriously, cannot wait. to meet you.


despite my middle name being dawn, i am not a morning person. but during the rare occasion that i am actually awake and outside when the sun peeks over the horizon, i am very much aware of how much i love this time of day. if you know me, this may seem a bit shocking. but it’s true people. it’s pretty much inspiring to watch the day dawn.