voluntas project

the gaumnitz family // morgan hill, ca

this past january, charlotte (3) was diagnosed with cancer. and despite the challenges that this family now faces, they allowed me to come document their new "normal." a season of life where hospital visits are often, treasure boxes are filled with band aids and bandages instead of hair bands, days without vomit are celebrated, stuffed animals have become patients who are comforted while they get "tubies" and bandages, and playing outdoors is limited so finding creative ways to be entertained inside has become the new routine.  

i was moved by this family's beauty. despite the fact that they now have to deal with the reality and horror of cancer, there was still so much love and joy overflowing from their home. 

i am grateful for their openness and honesty and for allowing me to document such a vulnerable and sacred season of their life. 


voluntas project.

voluntas. {good will toward others. purpose.}

on march 25, 2014 i had all of my photography equipment stolen from the trunk of my car. everything i had worked so hard to build was taken away from me and i was completely devastated. but i could have never imagined what would come out of this horrible misfortune. within a week, so many wonderful people came together to organize fundraisers, raffles, and support to help me get back on my feet. i had never experienced such compassion and generosity. when i look back on that month, i will not remember the loss and heartache. i will remember the community. and the people who came together to build me back up and champion for my little business. 

and my photography business means so much more now. i have been deeply affected by the kindness and generosity of my own community, and i want to spend the rest of my career extending that same kindness to others. i want to use my work to give back to the community, in the same way that my community has given to me. 

and so each year i will donate documentary family sessions to those who are dealing with illness or going through a difficult season. to capture their life together. and to help tell an important story: that even in the midst of hardship, there is still so much love.

if you know someone who might appreciate this gift please consider nominating them.