i hope you know how much your story matters.



life and relationships and parenthood can be joyful and lovely but also emotional and messy. all that hard stuff though, is also important. it represents who you are as a family, in your purest and most honest form

i hope you are here because you know deeply, that you don't want to forget any of it. and you know that the little things will eventually be the big things. and you want to remember (and your family to remember) that even during the chaos and not-so-pretty days, there was so much love.

you want photographs that document the not-so-fancy but real moments. the moments that matter most: the family rituals, early morning snuggles, piggyback rides, dance parties, conversations around the dinner table. even the meltdowns and tantrums. because all of that reflects your heart, your truth. you want to look back at this season of life and know that it was ALL important. it's all a part of your story and is the stuff that should be remembered forever.  




this will be a different kind of photo shoot...


and a different way of documenting your family. because your story is more than a series of posed photos of everyone smiling at the camera. those photos can be beautiful but do they tell the honest truth of your life?  

if we decide to work together, my intention will be to create meaningful images that capture the depth and beauty of your family. which means, my goal will be to immerse myself in your world and allow moments to unfold naturally. because this is when the magic happens. the space where you forget there is a camera in the room, you let your walls down, and you are able to be your most beautiful honest self.   

i will never tell you to smile at the camera. smiles are beautiful expressions but they are so much more light-filled when they happen naturally. and there are so many other expressions that are just as beautiful and real. and should also be documented. 

it takes courage to open up your doors and allow someone to take photographs inside your space and of your everyday life. and it may feel a bit awkward at first, or that you need to be posed, or should be putting on a show. but i don't want you to make a fuss, have a super clean house, be someone you are not, or force your kids to act a certain way. i want you to do you. i want you to do your routine. i want your kids to be goofy and crazy and sad. i want you to play games, snuggle, dance, make a mess, laugh, cry, be still, be wild. these shoots should be comfortable and natural and a time for your family to just be together. and if you trust me as an artist, together we can create truthful images that capture the beauty of your story.  

SO let's document life as it happens and find beauty in the simple and unexpected moments. moments that are timeless and not a bit fancy. But are full of so much love.


family storytelling sessions

these sessions will tell the story of what your life looks like right now at your home and/or a location that is deeply meaningful to you (it's important to be in a space that is familiar to you, is a part of your story, and allows you to be most comfortable and honest). there are 4 different packages below, but i'm also happy to chat and create a package that fits your needs. 



NEW! 1-hour mini storytelling sessions! 

these will be similar to my longer storytelling sessions as my intention will be to document a bit of your story, but these sessions will be more activity-focused. lots of playing, no posing. the activity can be a meaningful routine/ritual or something that you enjoy doing together. or it can even be an outing to a significant place that you frequent. you get to plan a date, and i’ll come along to capture the experience and moments that matter most.



package 1 (at home session- full day)

this package includes all day documentation, from morning until night. i get to come along beside you as you live together as a family and capture the magic that happens in your everyday. 

this package also includes a planning session, the edited digital images, and a small softcover book. 



package 2 (at home sessions- half day)

this package includes half day documentation (4 hours), either in morning or afternoon. similar to package 1, this shoot focuses on documenting your everyday, just in a shorter amount of time. 

this package also includes a planning session, the edited digital images, and a small softcover book. 



package 3 (significant event)

there are many important events that a part of your story and deserve to be documented. whether it's a birth, significant family ritual, holiday tradition, birthday, reunion, or something else, i would love to be there with you to capture these meaningful milestones and celebrations.  

this package includes a planning session, the edited digital images, and a small softcover book.

(number of shooting hours depends on type of event and prices vary depending on length of event). 


 package 4 (at home session- for couples)

because your story as a couple is just as important and you don't need to have children to have your life documented. these sessions are relaxed and joyful and should be a time to celebrate your relationship. 

this package includes a planning session, 3 hours of shooting, edited digital images, and a small softcover book.