i want to always show kindness, offer generosity, fight for truth, and serve the community. and i want my business to reflect those values. 

starting in 2017 i will be incorporating a more philanthropic business model and giving back to the community. i will be doing this in the following ways:

giving 10%

i strongly believe in equal rights for everyone. at the end of each quarter i will be donating 10% of profits to a non-profit or organization that is dedicated to fighting for marginalized peoples' rights. 

during the year of 2018 i will be donating to matthew shepard foundation 

voluntas project

each year i will donate 6 documentary sessions to families who have been struggling with illness or have been going through a difficult season. with the desire to capture the love that exists in their homes despite hardships and setbacks. 

you can read more about the meaning of "voluntas" and why i started the project HERE.  


if you know of a family who has been struggling with illness or other hardships and might appreciate a documentary family session, please consider nominating them. i will be accepting nominations year round. this type of photography is not for everyone though, so my one requirement is that they might be open to doing a documentary session. the family does not have to be local (bay area, ca). if the session is meant to happen, i know that the logistics will fall into place. 

personal projects

i am passionate about social justice and would like to use my art to help bring awareness to these issues. i will be starting a series of personal projects that speak deeply to me and are meant to spark difficult conversations and hopefully shed some light on different injustices.  

stay tuned for more information.