this sessions are my favorite, as i get to come along beside you as you live together as a family and capture the magic that happens in your everyday.

it takes courage to open up your doors and allow someone to take photographs inside your space and of your everyday life. and it may feel a bit awkward at first, or that you need to be posed, or should be putting on a show. but i don't want you to make a fuss, have a super clean house, be someone you are not, or force your kids to act a certain way. i want you to do you. i want you to do your routine. i want your kids to be goofy and crazy and sad. i want you to play games, snuggle, dance, make a mess, laugh, cry, be still, be wild. these shoots should be comfortable and natural and a time for your family to just be together. and if you trust me as an artist, together we can create truthful images that capture the beauty of your story.  

i am available for all day documentation (8 hours), half-day documentation (4 hours), and 2 hour documentation. 

sessions start at $650 (2 hours of shooting).

interested in booking an in home session?